Of the Harry Potter wands that I own a new addition is the Hogwarts Architect celebration wand – let’s take a closer look

If you missed it, Warner Bros.recently launched a bunch of new wands and these are exclusive design wands based on location, souvenirs and magical creature wands

now I believe these were supposed to be launched when that New York store, that Harry Potter store was supposed to open but was delayed for obvious reasons…

It was fun to see them online but I personally like to see wands in real life, I like to see them up close, I like to pick them up, I like to compare

and then decide which I want to get but when they were launched everything was closed

That was until the Warner Bros Studios reopened and I was able to go on a recent trip and see all the wands that were available in the UK and then compare them

This Hogwarts Architecture wand was actually bought for me as a gift for my birthday

but now we get to finally open the Hogwarts Architecture wand

okay so it comes in these different style boxes, it has like a colour strip around, so the lid basically doesn’t close fully

but it exposes the colour on the side, which is very pretty

it comes with this really quite fancy card, that has the Hogwarts Architecture story and the Hogwarts emblem at the back

“Inspired by the intricate designs and hallowed halls of the prestigious magical school, the Hogwarts architecture wand celebrates the school’s unique aesthetic and architectural detail designed with the historic legacy of the school in mind, this wand is for those who dream of walking the halls of Hogwarts.”

well isn’t that all of us? So that’s a cute little card, I really enjoyed that

and then in the purple slip, so it’s not ribbon, it’s actually like kind of crate tissue paper and inside it has got the foam, like moulded to the design

I would say that it is a really beautiful wand, I really love the handle and it’s obviously all about the handle the design does extend…

through to the rest of the wand into points again it almost looks arrow-like, I would say  but it’s all about the handle

As you can see, each of the Hogwarts houses are represented, so we have Hufflepuff, we have Ravenclaw, we have Gryffindor and Slytherin

I would imagine this is the entrance to the Great Hall, there’s the headmaster’s office

The middle part looks like the Hogwarts bridge but it could just be windows out of Hogwarts, but it looks very similar to that bridge 

Then the roof is reflected as the Hogwarts many spires, I love the the wooden feel of it and look

Painted to I guess replicate wood, but I do believe that they are made of resin, so they’re not real wood so if you do purchase them don’t expect real wood…

They are mass produced, but I would say a very high level of detail and craftsmanship has gone into this wand

So it’s not like you’re getting an inferior quality because it is resin, I think they are really very good

For some reason I didn’t get youtube footage of all of the Celebration wands, but I did make a Reel on Instagram

where you can see all the wands that are available at the harry potter studios and you can see them showcased there

So there we are, that’s the Hogwarts celebration wand, I think it’s pretty great and I know that it’s not a character wand

but I do love the design of this and you know I love me some wands, so of course I was gonna get one

Let me know in the comment section below, of the new harry potter celebration wands, which wands do you own?

They’ve only been out for a little while, so I’ll be really interested to know of my followers which, actually have any of the wands and which ones do you own?

I think that’ll be really interesting to find out

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