Of the Harry Potter wands that I own, let’s take a look at the Hogwarts Head of Houses

so if you’re new here or maybe just missed the large amount of oddly shaped boxes behind me I love wands and a wand was actually one of the first bits of merchandise that I purchased I love the effort and the detail that goes into designing them

that they’re straight out of the film and getting to own a bit of that wizarding world just makes it really magical

now because there’s so many wands available and

you might not be able to, have the option to go and into a store and have a look at them

I thought let me showcase them in collections

and in this collection we’re going to be looking at the Hogwarts Head of Houses

and hopefully allow you to make a decision if you’re thinking about getting one of them

so first up is head of Gryffindor, which of course is Professor McGonagall

and I do own Professor McGonagall’s wand in the Ollivander box

because I purchased it  so very long time ago

it was actually at a convention i was having a look through and you you’ll be surprised of

amazing finds you can get a convention so I’d always recommend

looking around if you do attend, well when we can attend them again

and it comes with the Noble Collection authenticity

and it’s got a lovely like silvery blue ribbon and this is McGonagall’s wand

a quite a very long wand and it’s quite cool that it’s in two colours so the the handle section is in brown

the rest is in black and it has this resin tip and hopefully you can see that there now if you ever see ones on display in stores where you can handle them

this is often broken off because people are not careful with things

and it’s so it’s quite delicate, I guess it’s supposed to be like glass or you know real life what that would be?

amber perhaps, like a gemstone?

I think that’s quite cool but yeah it’s a very long one as well but a very stern, strict wand

and we all know a very famous spell to cast with this one which is Piertotum Locomotor

because I’ve always wanted to use that spell…

second is head of Hufflepuff, which of course is Professor Sprout

or as it says in the box Professor Pomona Sprout 

hopefully you can see that there

a wand that I have which is in a modern box because it’s more of a recent addition to my collection I’d collected a lot of other wands before I

eventually got this one but it’s still great that I have this so it comes in a

pretty purple box, which is surprising you’d think that it would come in a yellow box

but maybe they ran out of yellow

and it does come with the name clip as well

and it’s quite a cool a wooden wand

and I would say, I mean it’s not wooden it is made of resin but it looks i would say looks wooden

and it has these cool like knobbly like worn wood on the end, as you would imagine

 and it’s quite dar,  but then you can see it is like more faded towards the tip…hopefully you can see that but it does, the paint job on it does make it look like wood, so I think it’s really cool

and from what I understand of this, so Miriam Margolo… how do you say her name? Miriam Margolyes, Margolyes?

she said that she always imagined her wand like being very used

and that’s why they made it look like that so very earthy

I believe she said like she would have you know dunked it in plots of, pots of soil while she’s working so

I guess that’s the reason why that end is a bit more worn

very cool, I like that addition to that wand because of that and

you would imagine Professor Sprout, tinkering away in Herbology, in the greenhouses

where did she put wand? She’d put it under arm or in in plants or pots of soil

you’d imagine that, so I think that’s really cool and I’m really pleased that I now own

my head of house’s wand, because I am a Hufflepuff

so third is head of Ravenclaw house,

 which of course is Professor Flitwick

and he…this is his second wand

and a very recent addition to my collection, so again also in the modern box

I actually purchased this at the Wizarding World Gold Christmas Party

where Warrick Davis who plays Professor Flitwick

was actually in attendance hosting the event

so I thought what a perfect opportunity for me to finally purchase Professor Flitwick’s wand

and hopefully maybe get it signed – I never got it signed, because I never got the wand and then got 

you know found later on but still a good way of remembering that fantastic event

before all the drama of 2020, this was in December 2019

so it was a really lovely occasion –  the wand itself is really cool

it’s almost like a star shape i don’t know if you can see that

and then it tapers down into the points, into the rest of the tip

again also a solid colour…it does darken towards the tip

so not really worn like professor sprouts wand

and as head of charms it’s very swishy indeed

you’d imagine that to be, so it’s a very cool wand and I’m sure that Warrick Davis did get quite fond of this wand

in the end, even though this is his second wand

because we saw in the Philosopher’s Stone or Sorcerer’s Stone for any Americans watching

that he had a different one when he looked completely different

but I guess after his style update, everything changed

but still a really really cool wand, I’m really pleased I have that now and

a really good memory of that wonderful event

so finally we move on to head of Slytherin, which actually has two head of houses, that we know of

so I thought I’d showcase both

and that is Professor Slughorn and then who took over from him, Professor Snape

so beginning with Professor Slughorn, 

I thought let’s showcase his wand

which I actually have in the Ollivander’s original box because when this wand came out

when I saw it in the film i was like this is such an amazing one i can’t wait to get this and

so I did, I acted swiftly while it was still in these original ollivander’s boxes

it comes with a certificate of authenticity and it’s cool i guess red and green ribbon

but yes such a cool and I remember, very delicate wand they advised me, so I will be handling it gently

but yeah so cool hopefully you can see that it has this really cool curvature towards it that tapers to quite a fine tip, which I imagine is very delicate – has this really cool silver…

etching on, which I imagine to be almost looks like a slug trail, which is so cool

it has the design on the sides here and then it also has like basically like a slug head

on the end again these are very delicate

so if you do get this one, please be very careful

yeah and it’s it’s got like a almost like a metallic finish on the handle

a very fancy wand for very fancy Slytherin

but yeah so cool, such such a cool wand…you can imagine him like you know drawing out his memories with the wand

obviously no spoilers for anyone who hasn’t finished the story so that is   that amazing wand

really really like this one, I’m glad I could showcase it because he was apparently head of Slytherin house

now moving on to Professor Snape who was also head of Slytherin house

surprisingly not a black box, you would imagine it to be black or a very very dark blue at least

but yeah it comes in this kind of grey, green box

these are his is one of the ones that are still available in the Ollivander’s box so if you still wanted to get this you could

it does have a black ribbon so that…fits

and of course the reason I say ‘why not a black box’ because Snape is known you know of being black hair, black robes and a very very dark black wand

this wand I actually purchased on the actual 19 years later

so that was the 1st September 2017 when I went down to King’s Cross

after I went around London and went around all the Harry Potter shops and finally purchased this wand

so cool, I do really like Snape’s wand, I always appreciated the fantastic design of the handle it’s a really intricate design, very very cool

the rest of the wound itself is just pure black but it’s all about the handle

so there we are, these are the Harry Potter wands from the Hogwarts Head of Houses

and even though I’m in Hufflepuff, I gotta say that my favourite wand of that is Slughorn’s wand

I just think it’s so cool, I love the little slug head design on that, I love the silver design, I love the curvature of it

I just think it’s so cool, so unique so yea, it’s really interesting

let me know in the comment section below

what Hogwarts house you are in and which of these Hogwarts head houses wands is your favourite?

I want to see if there’s a correlation like if you’re really house proud or if you prefer the wand design

I think they’ll be interesting to find out

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