Of the Harry Potter wands that I own another new addition is the Hagrid Wand…let’s get on with the review

If you missed it back in January 2020, Noble Collection launched the Hagrid Wand

and it was in February that I was lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter studios and handled and took photos of the actual prop

so I’ll share some of those with you in just a moment so we can see how they compare

I’ve seen quite a few people review this wand, but because of what was happening in 2020

I wasn’t in any rush to get it but now looking forward to my birthday

which was in November 2020, I was lucky enough to get this as a gift, so now I can showcase it to you

Okay so starting off with the box as we see it is a wand box it does actually come with the logos on the end so, just like in the style of the Ollivander boxes behind me

now, this is obviously a very large one, I don’t think that Hagrid’s one would have been this size in this box but I like the attention to detail that they actually made a one box like this

They’ll have the sleeve on the front to show that there’s an umbrella wand

and the inside which I’ve taken off all the plastic and stuff but the inside doesn’t look as pretty as the others, there’s no

ribbon or pretty cushioning that goes inside it, which is a shame I guess because if the inside was pretty

then you might want to display it open I mean maybe you could even do that yourself like if you got ribbon and some padding…hmm that’s an idea, maybe I’ll get on with that

nd create that to do some showcase eventually just to enhance the box

but the box itself is lovely, it has the logo at the bottom, it is pretty much just a large version of one of these excluding the ribbon and pretty like padding inside

Right so moving on to the actual wand

I never thought that i’d be reviewing the umbrella wand on my channel but

as a wand collector, which I’m sure you can see behind me

I’m very pleased that Noble Collection have bought this out now, it’s always something that I’ve wanted

I wanted to collect all the ones eventually and I’m working my way towards that

but I’ve still got a long way to go but this is a lovely addition

and I am blown away about the quality, I think that the quality is very good

and often I am confused or that I think that the resin wands behind me on the shelf

do look like wood because they’re painted and they feel like wood, but I do believe this is actually wood

so that is amazing there’s actually a wooden one, I guess

they couldn’t make this out of resin, so it’s lovely that it is actually wood

and it does have sort of metal portions on there as well, which I will do close-ups for you to see I wouldn’t say that I would use it

and expose it to the elements of the wind and the rain and damage just a beautiful wand – especially as it costs so much

moving on to show you more of the wand itself, so it does come with a button, that you then unhook and it does open

I don’t recall ever seeing Hagrid open his umbrella wand, but it does open

and then the rest of it – so you can see the full length of the wand is made of wood and it does have metal metal catches

and the inside is just plain pink – the fabric is 65 polyester and 35 cotton

I would say the craftsmanship is of a high quality

and yeah it’s just wonderful, I mean it’s not the most detailed obviously handle

like some other wands you’ll notice that there’s loads of detail in the handle because then

the rest of it is quite plain but where this is all about the umbrella and the design in that the handle – it’s fine to be quite plain

Okay so moving on to the actual prop

so as you can see the very end of the wand, the ruffle of the umbrella fabric is a little bit different

the ends are very similar and I would say that the handle of the actual wand is a little bit more detailed in the real prop as you can see the Noble Collection Hagrid Wand, I think is a pretty good replica

and I think they’ve done a very good job with this

considering that it is real wood, that has real metal features, that it does actually open as an umbrella

and the craftsmanship is to a high standard and it comes with a wand box

I am pretty impressed – a wonderful wonderful addition to my wand collection

and all my other harry potter wands basically you know, are so much smaller in comparison to this one

but this is a a brilliant wand indeed and for such a wonderful character, I’m very pleased

so there we are, that is the Hagrid wand review I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing that

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