Goblet of Fire | Hogwarts Lake | Harry Potter Filming Location

Let’s visit this Harry Potter filming location from the Goblet of Fire… This is the scene when Dean as told by Parvati etc and Hermione’s line is “I’m not an owl” Click the link below to revelio the location 👇 http://only.onespellaway.com/HP4LocationGOFTree

Prisoner of Azkaban | James Potter and Lily Potter Fountain | Harry Potter Filming

Visit the Godric’s Hollow fountain that James Potter and Lily Potter dances in front of… Seen in a moving photo on Harry’s bedside cabinet in Privet Drive in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban… Click the link below to revelio the location 👇 http://only.onespellaway.com/HP3LocationJamesandLilyFountain

Deathly Hallows | Lily and Snape Tree | Harry Potter Filming

Here I’ll be showing you the tree that features in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two… So this is the tree where young Lily Evans and young Severus Snape meet where they have that confrontation with Petunia and she calls her a freak… I found this tree in quite an unusual location and…

Harry Potter London Filming Locations – Ministry of Magic (Part 2)

Harry Potter London Filming Locations – from Deathly Hallows Part One and Order of the Phoenix. Click the links below to revelio the locations 👇 http://only.onespellaway.com/HP7LocationRonCorner http://only.onespellaway.com/HP7LocationGoodsEntrance http://only.onespellaway.com/HP7LocationMoMToiletEntrance http://only.onespellaway.com/HP5LocationMoMVisitorEntrance

Harry Potter Filming Locations – Deathly Hallows in London (Part 1)

Here are some Harry Potter filming locations from the Deathly Hallows, including a new one that I have not seen anyone visit before. Click the links below to revelio the locations 👇 http://only.onespellaway.com/HP7LTrioApparate http://only.onespellaway.com/HP7LTrioWalk http://only.onespellaway.com/HP7LTrioChange http://only.onespellaway.com/HP7LTrioafterattack

The Railway Shop Tour At The Harry Potter Studios

Here is a little showcase of the products (and some new ones) I saw on a recent visit to The Railway Shop at the Harry Potter Studios… When visiting WB Tour London, you might miss this little shop because of the Hogwarts Express and all the photo opportunities… Be aware, some of the harry potter…